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Birding at Vista Aves 

The property has almost 100 acres (38 hectares) of pristine birding habitat with miles of trails to be able to easily access some of the best birds the region has to offer.  In addition to our property, we have access to a number of adjoining properties that allow for higher and lower elevation birding, increasing the number of species you can find on foot.  There are also plenty of nearby hotspots to access via a short drive to expand your possibilities of seeing as many species as possible.  We have exclusive access to a local property that has become a reliable location for Grey-headed Piprites, a coveted endemic bird in the area. Click here to see our hotspot on eBird. 

Birding on the Property

There are many different walks/hikes that can be done by just walking from the lodge.  Our onsite birding guide, Cali is one of the best in the region, having worked at the most famous birding lodge in Costa Rica from a young age.  For the adventurous you can access an upper property owned by our neighbors which goes up to almost 1400 meters in elevation.  For the less mobile, watching the hummingbird/fruit feeders from the front patio to hawk watching in the afternoon, there is something for everyone on site.


*Photo Credit - Guillermo Saborio


Nearby Hotspots

With just a short drive from the property you can access 10 eBird hotspots, many with over 400 species observed. Check out the hotspots below:

-Cerro Silencio

-La Mina

-Rio Tuis

-Tayutic Mountain Reserve

-Rancho Naturalista


Tayutic Mountain Reserve is a relatively new hotspot. This 100 acre (38 hectares) property is adjoining to Rancho Naturalista and has a network of trails, excellent for finding Snowcap and Tawny-chested Flycatcher.  

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